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Samurai Newarrival

  • Ishiigenji temple stone Buddha [5112509]
    Ishiigenji temple stone Buddha Stone Buddha Dynasty Grilled Buddha Cultural property Oita Oita Prefecture Bungoono City Sacred place Temple Historical site Grinding Buddha A place of interest tourist spot City designated historical site Muromachi Muromach

  • Kanazawa Castle Light Up Hashizume Gate [5110317]
    Kanazawa Castle light up Night view winter Hashizumemon Sightseeing A place of interest Kanazawa Kanazawa Ishikawa Prefecture Samurai Route Hokuriku

  • Iimoriyama White tiger corps self-cutting ground [5109540]
    Iimoriyama White tiger corps Aizuwakamatsu Boshin War Fukushima Prefecture Self-edged land White hordeian samurai Aizu Aizu clan High ground Historical site White tiger corps self-cutting ground

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